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Teaching Practice

As a preparation to actual practice in schools, microteaching sessions are organized. The faculty meticulously organized intricate sessions of microteaching and students practice under their watchful eyes. Lesson planning is considered an important input in the preparation for teaching practice. Faculty members take good care of training students in lesson planning too. The students are sent to schools, for practice teaching, the College organizations conference on pedagogical content analysis, lesson planning, developing core teaching skills, through micro teaching under simulated conditions, observation of model lessons etc. Demonstration lessons are given by each subject teacher in the presence of other staff members and students. Every student observes 10 demonstration lessons. Each student teacher has to give 40 practice lessons in school by taking 20 lessons in each Method of Teaching. All the lessons are supervised and checked by institutional teachers as well as school teachers and feedback is given to the students.
There are 08 school attached with college for practice teaching. Each student gives one lesson per day. Sometimes the Practice schools teachers are present in the class and give informal feedback to the Pupil teacher as well as teacher educators. During practice teaching, each lesson is checked before delivering to students in the class and observed by the Method Master. The student teacher stays for the whole time in the school during practice teaching days and takes part in all activities of the school.